Studied in Mid-Herts College/U.K.


1977-78 worked in Posalux S. A. in Switzerland -jewellery designing Machine Company, participated also in an İnternational Fair in Bologne/İtaly.


1978-82  Nurullah Berk Drawing Studio


2003 – Glass Bead Making @ Beykoz Glass Furnace/Istanbul.


Attended and organised classes with many great Glass artists like Maria Micheala Moller -Germany/ Ulli Egger -Austria / Ann Julie Denton from İsle of Man/Andrea  Guarino  and Christina Logan from the States/ Davide Penso from Murano on many occassions/Claudia Trimbur – Pagel from France.


2007 Atellier  set-up..


Still designing  Hollow Bead  Fantasy Necklaces and La Botanica Collection  Mainly unique creations combined with silver.


Participation in many  exhibitions for Charity purposes in Bizim Tepe/American Robert College and Rotary and Lions Charity organizations by IWI at Hilton/Istanbul during Christmas.


2007 – Participation in İstanbul Bead Conference in Kadir Has University.



Recent Craft Shows in the U.K


2015/2016 – Botanique Gardens of  Kew


2016 – Edinburgh Craft Show


11-15 October 2017 – Botanique Gardens of Kew


17-20 May 2018 – Oxford Craft Show


25 -28 June 2019 - Waterperry Craft Show


7-10 November 2019 - Chelsea Craft Show


June 2020 - Waterperry Craft Show / Oxford


All organised by Handmade in Britain


Various other Works:


Goddess /Bird  figures and glass boro lace-work madallions.  Beadable accessories; Wıne  Stoppers and different sizes of Cheese  Knives , Magiıfier and Letter Opener sets


BAN-DORA Concept  . It is an exceptional  form of  hollow bead inlined  and   riveted  at both holes with uniquely made silver caps (by silversmith Umut Demirguc).


LA BOTANICA; Collection of  encased flowers  by paper weight technique to be used as wearable pendants and handles of magnifiers..






by Miriam Steger





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